Haolin Jia

A self motivated graduate student focusing on Computer Graphics and Computer Vision.

Here's what I have done so far

New York University

Master of Computer Science, Fall 2020
New York, United State
I will enroll in 2020 Fall at New York University under the supervision of Prof. Daniele Panozzo

University of California, Merced

Research intern, July 2019
Merced, California, United State
I devoted myself to launch several projects on the hot issues of computer vision. Specifically, I proposed a generative model built for transferring a story or noise vector into a clip of video; an innovative multi-scale encoder-decoder architecture, combined with short connections and dense information to grasp global information better, to detect salient objects; a creative neural network to solve the low accuracy problem by removing the gap between weak high-resolution features and imprope...

Tongji University

Bachelor of Computer Science, Fall 2016
Shanghai, China
I received my Bachelor degree at Tongji University, China, majoring in computer science. I extended my computer science scope into different fields, from classrooms to research labs and companies in the industry, as well as from elementary engineering skills like classical algorithm to increasingly promising knowledge of computer vision, artificial intelligence.
I studied at The Experimental High School Attached To Beijing Normal University as a high school student. My director is Mr.Yuan Jin nan. I missed my classmates a lot though we have little chance to gather and recollect the elapsed happiness and memory.
Here's what I am interested in and focusing on

Computer Graphics
Computer Vision
Data Analysis
Data Mining
Front-end Technology
Texas Hold'em