Curriculum vitae


B.E. in Computer Science


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Research Experience

Nov 2018 ~ Present Researcher, supervised by Prof. Nan Cao
Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
  • Training the model to evaluate the quality of automatically generated poster.
  • Utilizing the new-style GAN to solve the tricky problem of overlap and arrangement of decorations.
  • Dealing with the few-shot problem in GAN training.
Feb 2019 ~ Mar 2019 Team Member of SmartTab project
Google AI ML Winter Camp
Google headquarters, Beijing, China
  • To automatically analyze the structure of a relatively long article: it takes in the raw article and split it into reasonable sections.
  • To use BERT as an encoder to encode paragraphs.
  • To tag each paragraph according to its position within the section it belongs to and the relation between it with the neighbor above.
May 2018 ~ Nov 2018 Researcher, supervised by Prof. Kai Yang
Big Data and Distributed Artificial Intelligence Lab
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
  • Studied the latest algorithm of distributed deep learning
  • Set up the environment of the server cluster to speed up training the network and creating data samples
  • Applied reinforcement learning on Go and tried to improve leela-zero's weights

Research Interests

  Skyscraping passion for Deep learning, Computer vision, Machine learning, Big data visualization.

Current Effort

  1. Auto poster generator:
      It aims to generate a poster by using a sequence model composed of generator model of LSTM and independent discriminator of naive CNN to extract feature and evaluate. To train the GAN model with a few samples and decoration arrangement is the current problem.
  2. Gray image colorization:
      With innovative framework, this project is my national science and technology innovation project. We are proposing a new model that may show the best performance across different life scenes.

Expertise & Skills

Part of Awards & Honors

Jan 2019 Excellent Project Award, National science and technology innovation project, Chinese Student’s Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Sep 2018 School scholarship, Tongji University
May 2018 Uniqlo outstanding scholarship, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd
Nov 2017 Excellent student, Tongji University
Sep 2017 School scholarship, Tongji University
Apr 2017 Silver Medal, ACM/ICPC Competition
Mar 2017 Silver Medal, ACM/ICPC Competition